What we do?

While we have a wide marketing and logistics network with the experience we have gained in the global sector over the years, we take care to make a difference with the services we offer and to be a preferred company.

This point of view we have, while we support you in every aspect with our efficient and well-structured services, plays a major role in minimizing the risk situations that may arise at any time.



Our business process, which starts upon request from you, is planned from the first moment to the last and implemented completely. At the same time, you can be aware of all our procurement, transportation, shipment and logistics processes that we will carry out thanks to our work flow.

We take all necessary steps until your products reach you during our operational activities, which we have created with quality, occupational safety and correct road maps.

We succeed in making our trade reliable by following the processes in which international trade laws are applied and vary according to countries.



Working with a reliable financial partner takes your trading performance a step further.

International trade is a complex structure, we produce the right solution for you, create the most appropriate price/performance/quality plan, and make it easier for you to foresee your steps by being aware of the commercial and financial movements of the sector.

With our wide range of financial funding models, we evaluate the market conditions with the most flexible opportunities without heavy blows, and offer plans at the macro and micro level.

We offer the resources we have to maximize your trading strategy with maximum performance in the short and long term.



One of the key points of our operational services is our Logistics activities. We offer an international service by air, sea and land. With our capabilities and experience in this field, we ensure that your products reach you with speed and confidence in logistics operations.

While we deliver your products to you with this service we provide from all over the world, we make investments that will keep our carbon footprint at a minimum level with our environmentalist attitude.

In addition to our logistics services, we also store your products, which we provide with our storage services, at a point you want. In this way, we offer a single point solution for both the transportation and storage of your high-volume orders.



With our fully equipped teams in the trade of raw materials and chemical products and our worldwide commercial network, we are preparing plans with high international market forecasts.

We are proud of the fact that our successful projects, which we have put forward as a result of our long years in the sector, have been created with experience, trust, attention and sense of responsibility.

We act by considering every detail in order to provide our valued customers with a versatile and sustainable service in the field in which you operate.

We serve our industry with all our strength in order to know the rules of international trade on a country basis and to contribute to the renewal of these rules in the changing world economy.



We analyze all sector risks that our customers and suppliers may experience in advance and create a service plan with a minimum risk level.

Thanks to our constantly updated sector analyzes, we prepare scenarios for our market forecasts, international economic fluctuations and similar situations, and deal with price/performance issues in full.

We see our risk management services as a part of our commercial responsibility, and we ensure that you have the best standards by constantly updating our risk analysis plans with our expert teams.

With a risk-free and satisfying business plan, you will focus on your own business and leave all industry plans to us.