About Us

Who are we?

In 2014, We were established in Istanbul to supply and trade sulfur and other chemicals, fertilizer, and fertilizer raw materials, mining, and mining chemicals. With our transparent and continuous service approach with quality product assurance. We have adopted the principle of keeping the satisfaction of our customers and suppliers at the highest level and We operate in line with these ethical principles.

In accordance with international trade law and ethics, our employees, customers and protecting the rights of our suppliers; from producer to consumer, reliable and sustainable We serve by creating a supply chain. International business law and ethics appropriate, protecting the rights of our employees, customers and suppliers; service from producer to consumer by creating a reliable and sustainable supply chain we give.


To be the most preferred, pioneering and innovative global trade organisation in the fields we operate.


To create permanent and high value for our customers, employees and all our stake holders with our experience, reliability, service quality and organizational efficiency.


• We are reliable and transparent.
• Continuous improvement and change is our indispensable.
• We add value with our innovations and different perspectives.
• We exist with our customers.
• We always aim to be “the best.
• We have a strong financial structure.
• We adopt business ethics, honest working and ethical principles.
• We fulfill all our commitments.
• Our most important capital is our expert human resources.